Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Year 10 let the games begin

Outline the main geographical processes relevant to Coastal Management.
Coastal Managments geographical processes are reactions and stimulations by the environment that cause change to a specific aspect of the coastal environment which intern will require a Coastal Management technique to be employed to solve the issue. Geographical processes that affect the coast include natural issues such as corrosion and weathering of coastal landscape, hydraulic action and issues related to swell and tide, polution and introduced species as a result of human impact and finally inapropriate development in coastal areas causing concern for Coastal management schemes to be employed.

These geographical processes are relevant to Coastal Management because they all individually affect the coastal environment in a specific way.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

US Defense.

What are the US and Australian military forces agreeing to currently? What the specific implications of this agreement?
The US and Australian military forces are agreeing on a scheme which provides more US access to Australian land for the purpose of facilities.

What is the name of the summit where Australia's Defense Minister and the US's Secretary of Defense will meet?
The AUSMIN summit.

Which country is the US specifically reacting to?
The US is reacting to the increasing military power of China.

What are the US planners looking to achieve with this agreement regarding troop movement?

They are looking for more ways to move troops around the world by breaking the globe down into regions.

What are other key areas of discussion at the summit?

cyber security, progress in Afghanistan and the state of the Joint Strike Fighter project.

What does this agreement mean for Australia's future in the Regional and Global context?

Australia's international security in the region will increase as military ties with the United States increase and Australians position in the world will also increase as they gain more power.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Mapping Skills

What is the predicted population growth rate in 2030? - .75 %

What is the predicted population change in 2030? - 60 million.

What region of the world is predicted to have the greatest gross increase in percentage between 1800 and 2050? - South and central america.

How many males and females are there in Ethiopia for the age range 60-64 in the year 2000? - approx 4.4 million. 2.2 million for each gender

How many males and females are there in Italy for the age range 60-64 in the year 2000? - 3.7 milion
1.8 males/1.7 females

Why do you think that there is such a difference between these two countries? - There is a noticeable difference between both countries because of the large growth rate in population of ethopia and the fact that italys population decreases over the 50 years.

What is located at GR831979? - Dicks Hill

What is the highest point at AR7997? - Camden Haven

What is the contour interval for the map? - 10 metres

What physical feature is located at GR820975? - A wet swamp.

Approximately how far is the Laurieton Sporting Complex from Hanleys Point on the Camden Haven Inlet? - 1km

Give the GR for the North Haven Public School. - 8300

What is the highest point at Camden Head? Give the height and GR. - Laurieton - 79 metres - 8498.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Go back to where you came from reflection.

My initial reaction to the show was that i found it interesting and unique to say the least. The show demonstrated a variety of outlooks on the Australian issue of refugees and especially the ever increasing problem of 'boat people' or refugees who illegally enter Australia. Over the course of the 3 episodes and the changing experience of the 6 Australians involved it was evident that opinions had changed in favour of the refugees as the majority of the 6 now had views of benevolence towards refugees. I found this change to be captivating as it was the desired outcome of the experiment but also somewhat expected of the the Australians due to the conditions they were exposed to. Overall the series was enjoyable and fascinating because the topic of refugees in one of complexity and detail.

What percentage of immigrants are refugees?

A: 1.5%

Why does such a small number of people make for such a big deal both politically and in the media?

A:  Because the media highlights the problem and forces people to show a concern for the issue and demand change to be necessary.

Where does Australia rank among countries accepting refugees?

A:  Australia ranks 18th among those countries as they only accept 2.2 percent of all applications.

To what extent do we have an obligation to help other people suffering in the world?

A: Australia has an obligation to help people suffering in the world in an extent that is present now but with more humanitarian influences and more proactive strategies in dealing with illegal refugees.

How much extra support do refugees receive in comparison to other Australian citizens?

A: Refugees receive the same support that all other Australians receive.

How many Asian nations have signed the UN Refugee Convention?

A:  11 Asian nations have signed the UN Refugees Convention.

Why is it important to note that Malaysia has not signed the UN Refugee Convention? What does this mean for refugees in Malaysia?

A: It is important because Malaysia is home to a large amount of refugees which will be treated with violence and not in a humanitarian method that would be accepted in Australia let alone any other nation that has signed the UN Refugee Convention.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


1. To improve and harmonize trade and investment policies.

2. The Economic Research institute for ASEAN. They intend to monitor how the propsed plan and to keep track on the success of it.

3. The ASEAN Economic community. They plan on helping countries identify commitments that will deliver the best results.

4. The three areas of focus are: Trade and transport,services and investment facilitation.

5. The groups plan to meet once a year in order to maintain its goals and remain successful.

6. They intend to establish a knowledge bank that includes possible tools that members can use to pursue effective reforms.

7.Dato Lim Jock Hoi  is the chairman and he is the minister for foreign affairs for Brunei. Brunei has a population of 400000 which is extremely low compared to Australia. Their GDP is 20.382 billion.

8. Economic integration refers to trade unification between different states by the partial or full abolishing of customs tariffs on trade taking place within the borders of each state.

9. I think it is a good thing for Australia because it will improve Australias image as they will be helping countries that are in a worse position economically and they will be encouraging growth between them.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

US/Australia defence

1. Defence minister his role in the government is to manage the Defence policy of Australian and manage the individual areas associated with it.

2. The Brookings Institution is a nonprofit public policy organization based in Washington, DC.

3. The US/Australia defence alliance allows both the USA and Australia to operate together in security and strategic employments in the asia pacific area.

4. Australias global position is relatively close to asia which is important because the region is a national interest for the USA because it has started to become the worlds centre of gravity for economic, political, military and strategic influences.

5. Over the past 50 years Australia has made contributions to the alliance by hosting and supporting some the USA's most sensitve security and strategic capabilities which relate to intelligence based systems like ballistic missile warnings and submarine communications.

6. These companies who do business with Australia provide income to the employees of the associated business in conjuction with the Australian companies.

7. The minister points out that this relationship is based on economic factors and trade which influence the defence relationship and provide a level of trust and familiarity to either of the countries involved.

8. The country that is central to the relationship between the USA and Australia is China. China is important because of its emerging status as being one of the worlds economic superpowers.

9. Australia is trying to foster a defence relationship much like the one they posses with the USA.

10. It is necessary for Australia to establish this relationship to ensure the security of the region and to be an important ally for China when it becomes one of the worlds biggest superpowers.

1. The US is planning to locate a base in Woomera, Australia in order to have greater access to Australian training and test ranges and have a greater influence on Australias military.

2.When this base is completed the coordination between American and Australian forces will increase greatly as the two sides will become more familiar and succinct in tactics and training.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Australian nuclear target.

1. Kevin Rudds role is the minister for foreign affairs and his role is to act as a diplomat that will represent Australia and communicate between Australian and different countries around the world.

2.Kevin Rudds concern is that the instability of the Korean peninsula and the volatile nature of North Korea are threats to Australia and its national safety.

3. Kevin Rudd expressed his views and concerns at the ASEAN regional forum.

4. North Korea has carried out several hostile actions including torpedoing South Korean naval ships, shelling civilian homes and developing a Uranium weapons program. These actions have alarmed Kevin Rudd and prompted him to lash out at the forum.

5. The 'Taepodong-2' which is a long range missle capable of travelling 15000km making it a threat to Northern Australia.

6. Kevin Rudd is aiming to identify and expose North Koreas possible intentions by calling out the North Korean counterpart this calling out will prompt other countries to recognise this threat and take action to ensure it is no longer dangerous. This relates to Australias relationship with the region as being a country with strong ties to the UK and the USA in terms of allies and diplomatic communication.

7. Australias relationship with major allies is predominantly associated with defence and trade which makes it an important ally and thus worthy of protection from threats like the North Korean weapons program.